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Caramel: Pronunciation Edition

I don’t understand how some people find nothing wrong with their pronunciation of caramel.

It’s not car-mel, it’s ca-ra-mel.

Pronouncing it with two syllables is like rejecting the middle vowel.

What, is the fact that its the middle vowel not good enough for you? Do you use the excuse that you already have a first born “a” vowel to completely reject the second consonant as if it never existed. YOU SHOULD ACKNOWLEDGE ALL OF YOUR CONSONANTS DAMN IT! EVERY ONE OF THEM IS SPECIAL, AND YOU SHOULD PAY RESPECTS AS SUCH.

Seriously, I really hope you never have more than one child - because your favoritism over simple consonants in word families is just atrocious.

7:21pm · Friday, September 30th, 2011 · 686 notes
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