"If I was 9 years old I'd call this a piece of poo"
- rave most people who visit this blog

Welcome to Title {Optional], bitch.

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I reblog this every Halloween


where the fuck has this been all my life?????????

next time i’m asking him to send me a pic

Yu-Gi-Oh has so much fucking gas

Now, I’ve been pondering this for a while.

You ever notice how in those episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh! how the main character’s coat is always flying but his hair *miraculously* stays in place?

It’s because he has a ton of fucking gas. 

His hair is literally trying to escape the toxic fumes his ass is blowing. 


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I used to think I was a piece of shit, 
That the true miracle to this world was not (in fact) a boy spawning from a virgin, but rather a turd busting out of my mother’s cervix. 

Every night I’d go to sleep reminding myself and remembering what a piece of shit I was,
and every morning, I’d wake up and say “- but you’re going to do one thing right today.”

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Important College Decisions

Me: I was thinking of switching over to chemistry.
Dpt: You’d have to take Calculus II
Me: … but I took Calculus I three years ago…
Dpt: That may set you back another year from graduation

Sad Saturday

nobody’s home and i’m making pizza

with nobody to share it with

i’m picking rosemary and tomato in my backyard


my life as a middle class white woman is so hard


Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Movie Part II: Eternal (2012) Shaft

Homura, at this point in the story, doesn’t feel like her life is worth anything, in the beginning she was a sickly child with limited social interaction skills, ostracized by her peers for her almost nonexistant athletic ability.

The thought process she went through after having her life saved  is very similar I imagine to what Madoka said to Mami shortly before the fatal fight with Charlotte. Homura probably felt if someone as radiant as Madoka could befriend her and see potential, then maybe things weren’t so bad after all.

However with Madoka’s death due to wounds sustained in her fight with Walpurgisnacht, Homura is left with a sense that she was left alive at the cost of Madoka dying.

This survivor’s guilt ends up becoming the source of the trauma. She feels like she doesn’t want to be the one protected, she doesn’t want to be a burden and thus makes the contract with Kyubey to redo the month with the powers of a Puella Magi.

However, her survivor’s guilt is then compounded by the events of the subsequent timelines, creating fissures in her psyche and which results in the events of Rebellion.

*jumps off cliff of sexual frustration*

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this girl injected with the truth serum 

Shit. She’s spilling that tea.

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